Food for Thought: What is it Really all about?

Sometimes we watch from a distance and stay silent, it can help us see people and things clearer, and from a different perspective. The questions circle, Who are we, and who do we want others to believe we are? What is it Really all about? We live in a superficial world, it’s easy to get caught up in things that ultimately don’t really matter at the end of day especially with social media being such a powerful influence in our lives today. We allow our emotions, character and sometimes integrity to become compromised by others. What I have learned is life is short, time passes even quicker as we get older, and when we realize our time is not valued or respected. We want to measure up, be accepted, heard, liked, and have a voice, but at what price? People will always eventually show themselves and who they are, but not to everyone. Social media is a great tool, but tends to let people believe what others want them to see, feel, know painting a beautiful picture, without much knowledge or substance behind what they are actually believing or seeing. Some of Life lessons live in these words, my lesson in life is believe in Devine intervention and always trust who you are not what others want you to believe.

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