EPN Fashion Week Closes NYFW with “Glitz and Glam”

On February 13, 2020, EPN Fashion Week hosted their 11th season of “Glitz and Glam” Runway Extravaganza, closing NYFW 2020 with yet another star-studded affair. EPN Fashion Week closes NYFW supporting three causes.

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EPN Fashion CEO, Maggie Delany

Producer Maggie Delany and her team delivered an exceptional captivating show that wowed their 300 guests consisting of Entrepreneurs; Fashion industry insiders; Influencers and Buyers.  

Six international designers featured their amazing collections.  Designer Glenkora Comte known for working with sustainable and ethical fashion designs, opened the show with her “Soho Ecuador” collection. Her designs were paired on the runway handbags from artist and designer, Kent Stetson who has mastered the art of handbags, enjoyed by celebrities and collectors worldwide.  

Litchfield, New Hampshire Designer, Marie Lucce, followed with her gleaming  Evening Wear collection: “Glamour” which was a perfect pairing to EPN Fashion Week’s theme “Glitz and Glamour.” 

Designer Connie Diforo incorporated some spice to the evening ambiance with a few pieces from her “Au Soleil” Swimwear collection and “Mesese” Ready-to-Wear collection.  

During the intermission, the guests were glued to their seats as performer, Sarina the Violin Diva serenaded them with her riveting performance. 

The show continued with Designer, Celeste Victoria, featuring her “Nebula 33” collection with a thundering opening to the Afro/Reggae beat, Koffee - Toast, shaking up the room with her eclectic evening wear collection.  

The mood then softened with the transition to Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer” to introduce the audience to her breathtaking gowns, venturing the mood into an “Operatic” atmosphere.

Designer Jessica Robinson, owner of Miss Robinson Fashion House, flew in from Texas to partake in the show, featuring her avant garde collection with a sexy twist on the runway. Her collection left the women in the audience eager to purchase their next pair of boots and outfits from her fashion house.

Celebrity designer, Prashant Goyal, capped the evening with his royal  collection from Heritage India Fashions.  His luxury designs have been featured in several television shows and movies.  His clients include numerous Hollywood and Bollywood Clients including: Robert De Niro, Daniel Craig, Lindsay Lohan among others.

Portion of the proceeds from the evening will be contributed to the American Cancer Society, The Kangaroo Island Fund and EPN Free backpacks school supplies for students. This is an ongoing initiative by Maggie Delany with her commitment to providing expanded educational opportunities for students worldwide in impoverished communities. 

Maggie Delany thanked her lead sponsor, Exotool and all sponsors, including Makeup sponsor and lead artist, Lindsay Ebbin. indsay Ebbin DNA glam team:  Director of the Hair Artists Team, Amy Richards, as well as the Director of Makeup Artists Team, Donna Sousa, for doing an exceptional job!

She also thanks the photographers, videographers, assistants and volunteers that also contributed to making the show a roaring success.

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