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It’s time to end the boss babe, hustle culture and begin embodying our feminine energy. We live in a society that is created and operated for and from the masculine - filled with structure, routines, busy, go go go, to do energy. And it’s draining us women who are meant to be operating in our feminine.

As women, we operate in a 28 day hormone cycle, with weeks of high energy, creation and others more for going within and receiving. Yet we live in a world where we are forced to operate in a 24 hour cycle, doing the same things day after day, which is totally against how we were made to operate.

Once I began to tap into my feminine energy, things if my life flows better, felt more at ease and led me to bigger rewards.

** note - feminine and masculine energy have nothing to do with gender, it’s an energy we all have within us.

Masculine Energy: is the ‘doing mode’ it comes from a place of logic and reason. Very structured and routine oriented. It’s the action taking, staying focused on a task, goal oriented

Feminine Energy: is more of the ‘being mode’, operating in a place of flow and ease. The state to be in to receive, very intuitively connected, empathic, creative.

It’s important to have a balance of both energies, but because of the world we live in, many are struggling with tapping into their feminine. Here are a few tips on how to embody your feminine energy in a world of masculine

  • Getting connected with your heart, learning to understand what you are feeling and building your intuition (the inner voice). Learn to be open and vulnerable with those in your life and open your heart

  • Meditation - give yourself the space to be in stillness, to observe your thoughts and emotions. This is a great practice to learn how to be present and relaxed bringing you into the state of flow.

  • Sync your cycle - as women we operate in a 28 day cycle. Begin to track it, notice how you feel on certain weeks, plan different workouts, meals, work projects based on the optimal time.

  • Dance - movement creates fluidity from your mind and body. It's a way to move the energy within and to express yourself. Close your door, put on your favorite song and move!

  • Self care practices - find ways to slow down and relax. My favorites are baths, with candles, bubbles and soft music in the background. Find ways to just be in the moment

  • Creative activities - find ways to express yourself. Maybe through music, painting, playing an instrument, pottery class. We all have creative energy, go let yourself have fun and add play into your day

  • Time in nature - nature is the perfect example to embody, its slow, present and flows through the seasons effortlessly. Give yourself a break from the day to day chaos, go for a walk, sit under a tree and observe your surroundings.

A great practice to do is to set aside a day where you have nothing planned. Let yourself FLOW through the day based on how you feel and what you desire to do in that moment. Let your intuition guide you.

The more aware you are, the more intune you become with the difference in energies. Find new ways to incorporate your feminine energy to bring harmonious balance into your life!

- Tatiana Couto, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Breathwork Facilitator

To connect further with Tatiana, check out her website, and her podcast, The Radiant Life & give her a follow on Instagram, & Tiktok

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