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Pretty in Pink at Kentucky Oaks

The 149th running of the Kentucky Oaks took place on May 5. Pretty Mischievous, trained by Brendan Walsh and jockeyed by Tyler Gaffalione, took home the title championship out of the 14th post to win a purse of $1.25 million. Pretty Mischievous entered the race with 10-1 odds and the day made it a first-ever win for both Walsh and Gaffalione.

While the day was a momentous day for sports lovers, it was also a grand celebration of life. Before the big race the annual Survivors Parade had the entire crowd on their feet. Honoring the 149 survivors this year was incredibly important and a reminder of how precious life can be. To symbolize the importance and dedication to defeating cancer, nearly everyone in the stands of Churchill Downs wore symbolic pink. It made you proud to be a part of such humanity on a day like this.

"It makes me feel proud to see this kind of display," attendee Jackson Charles told us. "Everyone knows someone who has been affected. It's good to see people coming together here. Yes, the races are fun, but it is also great to see people caring so much for other people.

The betting that took place also produced a beautiful prize for many in attendance. Pretty Mischievous: $22.74 (win), $10.10 (place), $7.40 (show). Gambling Girl in second was $12.84 (place), $8.36 (show). The Alys Look in third: $13.80 (show).


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