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The 6R Process for Rewriting your Story

Growing up, I was bullied all throughout school, which led to a severe lack of self-confidence in my early twenties. I struggled to make friends in college and felt like I didn't fit in anywhere. I also went through a series of mentally and verbally abusive relationships that left me even less confident than I was before. So I took a job where I got paid way less than I deserved, and one day when I was asked to take on the workload of a male co-worker who got paid more than me just because I was more efficient than him, it was like my breaking point and I quit.

It was at that moment that I decided to start my own business, and I knew that I needed to work on my mindset because it was the biggest thing holding me back. My imposter syndrome and fear of judgment was through the roof, but I knew that deep down underneath all the fear and conditioning, there was a version of me who was bold, confident, and ready to make a name for herself.

I remembered how I was as a little girl, fearless, ambitious, and always wanting to be the center of attention, and I knew that part of me was still in there somewhere. I just had to shed the layers and layers of conditioning and negative mindset programming that I had picked up over the years. I wanted to rewrite my story and take back control of my life.

So I started studying everything I could about mindset and personal development, but as I deepened my studies, I continued to find that every book or course I got my hands on was missing an essential piece of the puzzle. None of them provided a comprehensive process for actually rewriting your story and being in control of your own mind and life, so I decided to create my own, which is now known as the "6R Process for Rewriting Your Story".

This process is a powerful tool for changing your mindset and creating a more empowered life. Let's take a closer look at each step in the process:

Step One: Recognize

To recognize your current stories, you need to be honest with yourself about your beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. Ask yourself questions like, "What stories am I telling myself that are holding me back?" or "What beliefs do I have that are limiting my potential?" Identify the negative stories and patterns that are impacting your life.

For example, if you grew up poor and were taught that rich people are greedy, you may have a belief that making money makes you a bad person, which will hold you back and sabotage you from creating wealth for yourself.

Step Two: Reframe

Reframing involves taking a negative story and looking for evidence that contradicts it. It's about finding a new way to view the situation that's more positive and empowering. Reframing can help you see a situation in a new light and reduce its negative impact on your life.

For example, instead of believing that you're lazy because you always look for the shortcut, you could reframe this story in a way that speaks to your efficiency and ability to work smarter and not harder.

Step Three: Release

Releasing old stories and patterns involves practices that address the mind, body, energy, and spirit. Examples of practices include hypnosis, EFT, breath work, cord cutting, and energy healing. These practices help you let go of old patterns and beliefs and create space for new, positive ones.

For example, if you're struggling to let go of a negative belief, you could try writing it down in a journal and then burning the paper as a symbolic act of release. You could also try a guided meditation or energy healing session to release the negative energy associated with the belief.

Step Four: Rediscover

Rediscovering your authentic self involves exploring who you are underneath all your conditioning and programming. It's about connecting with your "nature" side of self instead of your "nurture" side of self.

Some ways you can explore this is looking at your astrology, human design, and gene keys. Other personality tests like the enneagram can be helpful too. I personally love using Jungian archetypes with my clients to work on identity exploration and embodiment of their desired identity.

Step Five: Reprogram

Reprogramming involves creating new story scripts that are aligned with your authentic self and your desires. This means using tools such as hypnosis, energetic recoding, and subliminals to reprogram your mind with new beliefs and perspectives as well as doing the practical actions of establishing habits and routines that support your desired reality.

For example, you can create a habit of getting dressed and doing your makeup every morning because it makes you feel more confident and energetic, and while doing this you can listen to subliminals that help encode confident affirmations and beliefs into your subconscious mind.

Step Six: Rewrite

Finally, rewriting involves taking action to implement your new story scripts and actively create your life. This means making choices that align with your new beliefs and perspectives and taking inspired action towards your goals.

For example, if you've been holding back from marketing your business, you could commit to creating a piece of content every day of the week to share with your audience. In taking this practical action on top of doing the work to change your beliefs and rewrite your story, you'll be much more likely to reach your goals and find success.

The 6R process is the perfect step-by-step process for taking back control of your life and creating the lifestyle you desire!

Written By: Juliana Frisoli, Business Consultant & Success Coach

To connect further with Juliana, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and check out her website

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